The Great Repair


The socioecological crisis directly impacts everyone. It is no longer solely the concern of environmental activists but permeates everyday life.

The resource depletion and environmental degradation fueled by a growth-driven economic model have myriad societal consequences.

Reconciling limitless growth with climate protection verges on the impossible; instead, the necessity to transform our material culture and adopt new forms of coexistence is becoming undeniable.

Spanning art, architecture, and spatial practices, the 40 positions presented in this exhibition spell out a new design paradigm: The Great Repair.

The exhibition begins with a look at the repair and maintenance of the Akademie der Künste building itself, highlighting the value of care work for the institution.

The showcased practices not only exemplify reparative approaches to artifacts within the built environment but also underscore the need for comprehensive repair spanning socioeconomic, geopolitical, and ecological contexts.

The act of repair inevitably reveals things that cannot be repaired. Acknowledging these scars and assuming responsibility for ecological damage from colonial entanglements is integral to a great repair as a process of reparation.

Only through the lens of social and ecological justice can we truly approach repair as a collective effort and find new optimism in what has been repaired.

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