The Rotterdam Dream


On 7, 8, 14 & 15 October 2022 The Independent School for the City will work together with artist, photographer and writer Charlie Koolhaas on THE ROTTERDAM DREAM – a brand new research-by-photography studio exploring Charlie’s observation that Rotterdam is the most American city in the Netherlands. But where and how does this Americanism reveal itself? Can we find it in our shiny towers and tourist brochures, or in our car-centred urban planning, or in the city’s hip-hop and graffiti culture? During this research-by-photography studio, Charlie will take us out into the city to explore Americanism in Rotterdam, what it means and for whom. Armed with a camera we will search for iconic places, hidden gems or just regular scenes of daily life that distinguish Rotterdam from other Dutch cities and simultaneously connect it to many urban areas across the ocean.

Regular participation fee: 250 euro. Discounted fee for everyone under 30.

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