From the beginning of civilization, weaving has played a cultural and artistic role in societies worldwide. Also, the economic and scientific influence of the design and technology of looms has been significant: more than two centuries ago, the first punch cards were used on looms, which can rightfully be seen as the pre-runners of the computer and formed the basis for the industrial revolution.

This Independent School for the City course offers the participants an exploration into the three-dimensional meaning of weaving on a huge, traditional Finnish weaving loom. It is a communal journey for which the Independent School for the City has teamed up with visual artists Bart Gorter and Ernst van der Hoeven, to understand the principles of weaving and to discover it as a metaphor for urban planning, for architecture and urbanism, for the computer, for the landscape and many more things. The course will result in one large monumental rug, collectively woven by the participants.

Over the period of 2 full days and 5 afternoons of collective work, you will be introduced to the ins and outs of weaving following a 7-step approach. This will be done over a period of 4 weeks, during which we offer you unlimited weaving time to extend the rug in duo’s (on appointment), to eventually free the rug on Friday the 25th of September.

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