Wall to Wall


Decades before recycling waste became a design mantra, artists Louis le Roy and Krijn Giezen were already putting the adage ‘Waste = Material’ into practice. On Sunday 22 January 2023, you can take part in a unique day-long field club excursion to three of their magna opera: Louis le Roy’s forever growing Ecokathedraal in Mildam and Heerenveen, and Krijn Giezen’s botanical sound barrier in Rhoon.

Join us for this intensive excursion filled with animated explanations and inspiring conversations about art, waste and landscapes. Architectural historian and Le Roy expert Piet Vollaard, artist and former Krijn Giezen student Arnoud Holleman and Ecokathedraal ‘groundskeeper’ Peter Wouda will meet us on site to elaborate on the making and context of these never-ending designs.

Reserve your spot for €25, including lunch and transport. Departure from the Independent School for the City in Rotterdam (Delftsestraat 33) at 11:00, returning to the same place at around 19:00.

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