Allard Architecture

Allard Architecture, founded in 2006 by Allard Meine Jansen, is a Dutch multidisciplinary office that practices contemporary architecture, master planning and research. Located on the Prinsengracht, one of Amsterdam’s iconic canals, the studio is right in the heart of the historic centre of Amsterdam.
Giving old buildings new life whilst respecting their legacy

As a studio based in this unique location, we maintain a long-held personal respect for these historical buildings and the rich stories they tell. Throughout our many projects we have developed an expertise for the preservation of legacy, understanding how best to protect these monuments whilst finding opportunities to shape new, contemporary narratives.

We are an experienced studio with a proven track record for providing innovative twists to historical projects. It is our key belief that through thoughtful restoration these buildings can preserve their historical value whilst also meeting the needs of modern city life.
Rejuvenating areas in transition

Urban regeneration is a core part of our philosophy and we are ambitious when working on the rehabilitation of neglected, post-industrial neighbourhoods. As the modern city becomes denser, these areas provide an exciting opportunity for the development of sustainable communities to live, work and play.

We work closely with our clients to analyse the requirements of a given site and investigate the future needs of the city. Therefore, we aim to not only consider the social dynamics of the building itself, but also how it can benefit the wider community and create new forms of engaging public space.
A multi-talented and dynamic team

Allard Architecture is a small, diverse and tight-knit team who are passionately driven towards achieving exceptional outcomes across all projects. With our Dutch heritage and an international team, we offer a wide range of expertise, able to achieve well-executed designs that aim to exceed our client’s expectations.