FABRICations is an award winning design practice involved in architecture, urbanism and regional strategies. Founded in 2007 by Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn, the office’s work focuses on the spatial impact of a socially, economically and ecologically better environment.

FABRICations adopts a “Research by Design” approach, to explore the potential for better urban systems.

In each project, FABRICations substantially invests in research to expand the relevant knowledge and provide the most purpose driven solutions. To asses the accuracy of our research and proposals, FABRICations regularly forms alliances with other practices, which constitute a strong and effective network of professionals, consultants and institutions.

In the past 10 years of activity, the office has set as a leading reference for Urban Metabolism research, carrying out projects and publications in multiple international contexts. Additionally, FABRICations has been awarded with prestigious prizes, including the Prix de Rome for young architects (2010), the Green Architecture Competition (2014) and the ASLANY Merit Award (2015).

Based on our experience, we involve our clients in the creation of resilient cities, offering a wide range of products, adopting a comprehensive methodology, and proposing clear objectives for the design.