The HofmanDujardin team is a multi-disciplinary international group of approximately 20 architects, interior architects, draftsmen and interns with different background and university education. The office has a horizontal approachable organization. The following people are part of the team: Michiel Hofman, Barbara Dujardin, Anne Boonstra, Arjen Aarnoudse, Bo Winnubst, Stephan Verkuijlen, Pieter Mulder, Maik Peters, Xander Albers, Marjo Langbroek, Juan Verdeguer, Thom Zijlstra, Jaime Perez, Fabian van den Bosch, Beatriz Lacarra, Jibril Omari, Laurens Schuitmaker, Enneco Viana, David Hernandez and Andoni Urreizti.

Our way of working is based on four key values Clarity, Quality, Integrity and Creativity. We base everything on simple, clear designs. We deliver the highest-quality design solutions for our clients. We practice honest, transparent and straightforward ways of working. And we have the unlimited ambition to be inspirational, original and enthusiastic in everything we do.

Our values apply to literally everything – from high-level meetings with clients to how the team members interact in our Amsterdam office. It is our way of life – a set of standards with which we think, communicate, design and create. By basing everything we do on these values we ensure we create spaces of the highest possible quality that protect, relax, connect and excite people. We start all projects with a very clear, simple sketch, so from the first step our clients can be confident that we fully understand them and they fully understand us.

In the studio we speak fluently English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. We can deliver our services in any of these languages.