Laos Landschapsarchitecten

Laos Landschap is oriented toward the design and visualization of, and the strategy for, the spatial development of the city and surrounding countryside.

The office was founded by Mathijs Dijkstra in 2005 and now consists of a team of specialists in the domain of landscape architecture.

Our workfield is a very extensive one, in terms of the variety of assignments and scale levels at which we work. This has ensured that switching between scale levels has become one of our core strengths.

Spatial design is our specialism. We make use of a widespread network of very diverse specialists so that we are able to compile teams with the necessary expertise and skills to cope with the most varied assignments.

It is not without reason that our office is situated in De Biotoop, which is now a collective corporate building for creative companies in Haren. Here too, we can find the required external specialisms, as well as – and perhaps even more importantly – an inspiring atmosphere and the opportunity to exchange knowledge in an informal way.