USM challenges designers to push the USM Haller Configurator to the edges of its flexibility.

Step 1: Choose one of the four interiors
Show in 1 one of the following 4 interiors how the Configurator can be used in 3 widely different uses in the same interior space. You can choose 1 of the 4 interiors given on the event website.

Step 2: The USM Configurator
Make three widely different designs that fit perfectly in the chosen interior and show the flexible potential of the USM Haller Configurator:
A tutorial can be found here:

Step 3: Export to Photoshop
Export the Configurator designs and photoshop the three different configurations into the one chosen interior.

Step 4: Publish on Archello
Upload your project by publishing your design on Archello. Publish your project on Archello and place the 3 design images in 1 project publication. Add the tag: “USMFlexibleModularInteriors” (without the “”).

The winner will receive €4000 to spend on one USM Haller furniture designed with the Configurator that will be delivered to your door.

Patrick Howald / designer at USM
Marianne Kohler / stylist and journalist
Tom Kolnaar / editor-in-chief at Archello

The designs will be judged by the clever use of modular design and optimized potential for adaptability.

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