CAMPOSAZ DOLOMITI 11:11 is a design and wooden self-construction workshop at scale 1: 1.

This new edition of Camposaz will take place from 25.08.17 to 03.09.17 in Imer, Trento (Italy), small town in the Primiero Valley at the feet of the Pale of San Martino, one of the most majestic among the massive Dolomites.
Camposaz organises free workshops aiming at designing and selfbuilding architectural objects for landscape enhancement.

It is targeted to 12 young architects and designers, selected by Camposaz collective, for the purpose of gathering in a temporary group the processes of design and selfconstruction.

During the Camposaz week the participants will ideate and create wood Installations, following the thematic suggestions provided by the organizers and developing ecofriendly, practical and sustainable designs based on the relationship with the landscape and its inhabitants.

The workshop area is close to the Cismon creek, at the foot of the West side of the Vederna mountain. As part of a recent recovery operation, the area will become the new botanical garden of local alpine species.
The theme of the workshop will be the design and implementation of a small, multifunctional wooden installation that can become the central pole of the new botanical garden.

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