Amsterdam Light Festival 2018-2019

For its 2018-2019 edition, Amsterdam Light Festival is looking for creative interpretations of the theme ‘The Medium is the Message’. A modern day evaluation of this famous one-liner raises questions about the powerful influence of (new) media. And when it comes to light as a medium, several specific, interesting issues come into play.

For instance, what kinds of messages does the medium light transmit nowadays? In an era of fake news and alternative facts, can light maintain its objectivity? How does it communicate in a way that no other medium can? How does light shape or transform (digital) space? How does light extend and influence our reality? And how does it structure and transform our individual lives and society as a whole?

Amsterdam Light Festival presents two exhibitions in Amsterdam’s city centre. For the Water Exhibition, we are looking for monumental light artworks positioned on, above or in the water that connect with the city, its inhabitants, and its visitors. For the Land Exhibition, we would like to see light artworks that you can experience from up close, walk through, connect with and react to.

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