Future Campus–University College Dublin

Future Campus – University College Dublin International Design Competition focuses on enhancing and enlivening University College Dublin’s (UCD’s) extensive campus. This competition – the first stage of which closes at 14:00 BST on Monday 26 March 2018 – is seeking an outstanding integrated multidisciplinary team for two much-needed design initiatives.
First, the Entrance Precinct Masterplan will create a new urban design strategy for a 23.8 ha area that will guide UCD in defining the quality of the campus through placemaking, architecture and the public realm, as well as allowing for future planning. Essential to this will be a distinctive, confident and highly-visible entrance and arrival experience that expresses the University’s identity and showcases its Dublin site.
The second element, the 8,000 sq m Centre for Creative Design, is conceived as a charismatic yet well-integrated architectural addition – a maker space that is a living learning lab – that will express the University’s creativity and promote inter-disciplinary engagement. The total value of the Centre for Creative Design is circa €48 million.
Initially, UCD is seeking expressions of interest from integrated multidisciplinary teams organised under a lead consultant and including expertise in architecture, masterplanning, urban design, landscape, sustainability, engineering and transport planning. At the second stage, teams will be invited to propose additional consultancy including, but not limited to, plan

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