Urban Block Collection.

Pre-qualification for a closed competition for the design of an architectural language for a collection of urban blocks

Brusnika has developed a system of standardisation and customisation of urban blocks. This consists of a large number of block volumes that can be used depending on different contexts (the collection). The architecture (facades and detailed massing) of this collection is the design task of this competition. The architectural language is a toolbox with which all modifications of the building volumes can be designed.
The aim of the competition is to select 2-5 companies with which Brusnika will engage in a long-lasting cooperation for the application of the architectural language in concrete projects and locations.

pre-qualification: selection of 10 participants of the basis of portfolio and Skype interview.
1st stage: preliminary design of the architectural language. 2-5 finalists
2nd stage: definite design of the collection. 2-5 collections
1st stage: 10 x 3000 Euro + travel costs
2nd stage: 2-5 x 15.000 Euro + travel costs

Implementation – 3 projects over a period of 2 years.

Pre-qualification: Portfolio – April 24
1st stage: Preliminary design – July 20
2nd stage Phase: Final Design – October 25

Ruurd Gietema, partner, KCAP Architects and Urbanists, Rotterdam
Elena Eremenko, director, Brusnika Design, Ekaterinburg
Timur Shabaev, partner, DROM Architects, Rotterdam
Bart Goldhoorn, chief architect, Brusnika Design, Amsterdam/Ekaterinburg

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