An unprecedented art model


The goal
The Groupe CB has decided to create an art and architectural park on the site of the amazing quarry site of Ferques, near Calais, in the North of France.
The goal is to offer the opportunity for up to 3 winning candidates to produce micro-architectural works for permanent display at the site of the Carrières du Boulonnais quarry.

The CB Group and CB green are moving construction processes towards a virtuous transformation. We want to highlight low-carbon and recycled materials in this 5th edition of PRIMA, with concretes and aggregates designed as circular materials. Demolition sites are becoming sources that can be integrated with natural sources to produce fully recycled or hybrid aggregates for tomorrow’s buildings. An economy that transforms buildings at the end of their life to produce materials that return to a natural cycle. Quarries are no longer just places where materials are extracted, but also places where they are recycled. Architecture and construction as circular processes.

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