Animalesque City – Call for short movies


What is an Animalesque City? Participants are challenged to express an activist and radical viewpoint through a short movie about the (future) relationships between humans and animal species in times of rapidly expanding urbanisation; to envision emergent societies in which multispecies citizens exist in symbiosis.

Can we build scenarios of mutualism with the species that inhabit the world and live alongside us? What can we learn from animals by looking at how they use their senses, the ways in which they communicate and work together, the extent to which they follow their instincts, their adjustments and adaptations? And what do we have to offer from our side?

The medium of film enables the transmission of narratives and fiction in a critical and engaging way. Together, the submissions will express visionary animalesque realities, constructed from different global perspectives and seen through a multiplicity of lenses. All formats and techniques are permitted.

Selected winners will get 1-to-1 mentoring with members of the international jury in order to develop a high quality film which will be presented at AA School London and at the ARCH+ Cohabitation exhibition in Berlin in 2021.

The Animalesque Visiting School is a Berlin based research and teaching programme of AA School. We are dedicated to explore, test and visualize new ways of human-animal cohabitation, to respond to urgent topics like loss of biodiversity, ecosystem collapse and sprawling urbanization.

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