call for papers: BURN-OUT


Exhausted. Bodies feel exhausted, from the scales of the individual and social body, to that of the planet. Even in the midst of one of the most severe crises experienced globally in recent history, the demands for productivity, relentlessness and attentiveness are not diminishing. Instead, those pressures intensify, while forms of extraction are pervasive.

The contemporary moment should not be taken as an exception. Instead it should be understood as part of a structural condition and a symptom of the ongoing exploitative structures that are exhausting bodies, brin- ging them to a systemic burn-out.

This issue of ARDETH explores current conditions and asks if they could be deployed as a catalyst for reima- gining and enhancing public life as well as forms of collective organization and action. If burn-out is a state in which bodies, procedures, processes stop working, it could perhaps be considered as a generative point of departure to rethink the role of institutions and in- frastructures towards non exploitative structures and relations. This call is part of an ongoing investigation on burn-out by Het Nieuwe Instituut’s research department and associated research fellows

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