Camposaz 40:40 Trento 2.0


Camposaz 40:40 Trento edition is organized in collaboration with AGATN and Comune di Trento. The workshop is included in “Fiori al centro” festival and in “Trento European Volunteering Capital 2024”.

During the workshop the needed materials and tools will be provided by the organizers. In particular the building materials will be available in standard formats and in a definite amount. It will be the teams’ skill to best optimize the available resources.

The design and construction phases go along together during the 10 days of workshop; we will discover how to design in 1:1 scale and how this way of thinking could lead to great solutions and ideas!

We will create 2 installations: one will stay in Giardino Via Fermi, the other will be placed in ECO2_Open park, in the northern part of the city. Transportability and prefabrication will therefore be challenging but exciting parts of the design! Additionally, during the month of May local people will join a participatory process led by AGATN to share their ideas and dreams about the areas; we will use these inputs as starting points for our design.

To participate we ask you to fill out the form and send us a Reference Project and a Motivation Letter.

Interested parties must complete the form by 31 May 2024:

For more information:

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