Charkiv Housing Challenge


Located right at the border with Russia, Kharkiv stands as Ukraine’s second-largest city and has been significantly impacted by the ongoing conflict. This historically relevant and industrial city now faces the pressing challenge of rebuilding its damaged urban fabric, with a particular focus on residential buildings and public spaces, to not only repair but to also to improve the living conditions of its residents.

The competition seeks solutions that bridge the gap between innovative design and practical application. The task is to develop a modular system capable of retrofitting existing concrete panel housing blocks and enhancing public spaces, focusing on creating safe, energy-efficient, and vibrant neighbourhoods. Modular facade and roof components, bomb shelters, and integrating additional uses in ground floors should be considered as part of the intervention. The system should also provide solutions to re- erect severely damaged buildings with a renewed, yet locally rooted, architectural identity.

First prize: 10.000 euro and construction

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