Heerlen Rooftop Competition



SCHUNCK announces an international urban design idea competition for an urban rooftop project in the heart of the city of Heerlen in the Netherlands.

The city centre of Heerlen is characterized by a dense and diverse urban rooftop landscape. Large grey and sterile roof surfaces dominate the view from the top floors of the SCHUNCK Glaspaleis.

SCHUNCK and Heerlen aim to explore this unused surface potential for gardening, arts, farming, cultural festivals, music, cinema, coffee houses, sports, tiny housing and much more. Rooftop projects in cities across the globe prove that gardens, art, recreation and/or business activity can turn ugly sterile spaces into something special.

We want to invite architects, urban planners, landscape architects and designers to participate in this international competition!


Then take a look at the Terms and Conditions of this HEERLEN ROOFTOP competition and register on: schunck.nl/rooftop-competition.

The deadline for registering is: 25 August 2019

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