HelsinkiCall: The Design House


Helsinki is the youngest of the three capitals of the Scandinavian peninsula: founded in the mid-sixteenth century, it is largely made up of neoclassical buildings that characterize the historic district. The fortress of Soumenlinna, UNESCO site and military architecture of the eighteenth century, the Orthodox church of Unspenski and the Great Cathedral are the most recognized icons, but it is in the twentieth century that the Finnish capital experienced a push for change. The library of Oodi or the Kamppi chapel are examples of contemporary architecture that place Helsinki on the world stage in the design field. The Design House will continue the craftsmanship tradition by becoming a meeting place for artists and craftsmen; residences, exhibition halls and laboratories will make up a place for experimentation in which to continue the tradition that much owes to Alvar Aalto. Debates will animate the moments of a building with the characteristics of the museum of housing capable of enhancing what the contemporary artistic avant-gardes are making happen.

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