International Urban Project Award


The award recognizes new and outstanding urban and architectural projects that have transformed cities worldwide. It focuses on the interface between architecture and urban space and is dedicated to the impact of buildings, urban design and landscape architecture on the city; how built projects activate public space and the development of urban neighborhoods. The prize highlights architecture and urban design as social and cultural forces capable of upgrading public space, thereby enhancing civic life and ultimately celebrating urbanity. One First Prize and three Special Prizes will be awarded.

Topics 2024: Interfaces
Interfaces are the physical elements that connect architecture, urban design, public space and landscape. They connect people and places. Urban interfaces form, frame, negotiate and govern myriad transitions from one space to another. It can be the interface between interior and exterior, building and open space, city and nature, between different infrastructures—or even between the real and virtual. Important to those transitions is the perceptual and cognitive experience of access and identity. What makes architecture relatable? How does private space plug into public networks? Which uses does the space between buildings invite for? The IUPA 2024 will be awarded to targeted constructive interventions capable of interlinking and revitalizing traditional urban public spaces. Both architecture and urban development projects can be submitted. The First Prize will be awarded EUR 3,000.

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