Luxembourg in Transition : an international consultation to envision the territory by the year 2050


The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg launches the urban-architectural and landscape consultation Luxembourg in Transition – Spatial visions for the low-carbon and sustainable future of the Luxembourg functional region, which aims at gathering strategic spatial planning proposals for the Grand Duchy and the neighbouring border regions in the face of the challenge of climate change.

The Department of Spatial Planning of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning wants to compile strategic proposals with the aim of producing ecological transitions scenarios for 2050 for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the neighbouring border territories. Today it launches a call for teams, both national and international, to support it in this endeavour and participate in a three-stage consultation process over 18 months. The consultation is inspired by other large-scale consultations that have been conducted, such as those for Greater Paris or Greater Geneva.

This international consultation is directed at professionals, but also universities, technical institutes and research organisations with expertise in the fields of spatial planning, urban planning, landscape and architecture, supported by environmental science,  the humanities and social sciences.

The tendering will be open until 31st August 2020 at noon.

More information can be on the website Questions concerning the specifications must be submitted exclusively by electronic means, via the PMP at the website

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