Madrid Contemporary Library


Madrid interprets its role as capital by combining its ancient charm with modernist instances. Barajas airport, the Caixa Forum, the Kio towers are some of the most recognized architectures of the last century and able to live in perfect balance with emergencies of great value such as the Palazzo Real and the Plaza Mayor. Close to the latter, a business location during the 17th-18th centuries, we want to imagine The New Madrid Library, architecture that will redesign Placa de Villa, an urban area surrounded by buildings built during the Habsburg monarchy period. The project will have to give the place a new image by offering itself as a symbol of strong recognition. Exhibition halls and classrooms for cataloging will be part of a complex designed for the community where outdoor green areas will be animated by citizens and tourists throughout the day. A building that knows how to enhance history and tradition by becoming an imaginary union between the eras.

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