National Railway Museum Competition


The National Railway Museum Central Hall Design Competition is a two-stage competition to design the museum’s new centrepiece building.
The museum, part of the Science Museum Group, is poised to become the cultural anchor for York Central, one of the largest city centre brownfield regeneration projects in the UK. York Central will re-route a major road that currently bisects the museum’s site, separating two of its main galleries.
The new Central Hall, a circa 4,500 sqm building with a £16.5 million construction budget, will bridge the space between these two exhibition halls. The new addition is intended to create an appealing arrival experience and improve legibility and connectivity across the wider site.
The new building will include reception spaces, as well as a spectacular 1,000 sqm gallery intended to showcase future acquisitions and innovative technology. Shortlisted teams will also be able to propose some enhancements to the adjoining museum buildings; this additional work (no more than £10m construction budget) being contingent on the post-competition concept design.
This is a two-stage competition open to both national and international integrated design teams. Stage one is comprised of an open Expression of Interest; at stage two, an honorarium of £30,000 will be awarded to at least five shortlisted teams, who will be asked to produce design concepts.
Further details, including the Search Statement and how to enter, are available on the competition website.

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