Oggetti Socievoli*


Oggetti Socievoli (*English translated as Sociable Objects) is an open platform where anyone can share home objects that have been either discovered, rediscovered or reinterpreted during social isolation due to the current pandemic. The submission running till the end of October 2020 due to the possibility of the second wave of the pandemic.

Social isolation may negatively affect our mind and body. Since the first days, we feel fear, sadness, apathy and boredom. Being aware and appreciative of our home surroundings helps to overtake those feelings.

The project directs people to think about their home objects, and share what it means to them. We believe there is a European sense of urgency to change people’s perspective and be more appreciative of what we have and what has been discovered within our homes during quarantine.

The aim of the project is to publish a print book and, later on, have pop-up exhibitions across few European countries (January – March 2021) such as Netherlands and Italy.
The Book’s proceedings will be donated to charities to support European Craftsmanship, in particular Italian artisans and craftsmen businesses that have been and will be heavily hit by pandemic.

Website: https://oggettisocievoli.club/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oggetti_socievoli/

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