Photo Competition Capture Your City!


Close-cut lawns with ‘Keep off the grass’ signs – that’s the ‘nature’ we usually find in our cities. But can we find beauty in weeds and the less planned greenery too? A tree shooting up where it wasn’t supposed to, or wildflowers blooming in a road verge.

We buy and throw out more than ever before – from our homes and in the building industry, where we tear down buildings and replace them with new ones. But if we want more bees in our back yards and less construction waste on the curb, shouldn’t we get used to seeing the world around us with new eyes too?

The competition was originally organized by Danish Architecture Center (DAC), based in Copenhagen, Denmark. For the first time this year Capture Your City is open to everyone in Europe – and especially to the collaborating cities of Riga, Amsterdam, Milan, Turin, and Ljubljana.

How to Participate
Post your best picture on Instagram, and hashtag #CaptureYourCity2024 and mention @danisharchitecturecenter 🙌 To participate via Instagram, your profile cannot be private.

You can also upload your photo here:

Pictures posted after May 1 2024 will not be included in the competition.

The competition team encourages everyone, regardless of where they live or who they are, to participate in the competition and looks forward to seeing all the interpretations of the theme ‘New Beauty.’

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