Sansusi sound sculpture


Nestled within Latvia’s lush landscapes, the Sansusī Music Festival is a harmonious blend of nature, music, and communal joy. Celebrated for its innovative fusion of classical chamber music with the liberating atmosphere of a rock festival, Sansusī has evolved from an event into a cherished cultural phenomenon. Surrounded by forest, attendees experience a range of performances, from orchestral to contemporary, set against Latvia’s natural beauty.

Following the success of the initial architectural competition, Buildner announces the second competition to enhance the festival’s infrastructure, aligning with sustainability, creativity, and community engagement. The essence of Sansusī is its Musician Standoffs, where performers prioritize wit and spontaneity over technical skill, creating a unique festival highlight.

Buildner calls on architects, designers, and visionaries to design a stage that reflects the Musician Standoffs’ innovative spirit. The challenge is to create a wooden, sculpture-like stage that also functions as a musical instrument, embodying the event’s essence and enhancing the festival’s acoustic experience. This competition explores how architectural forms can generate sound, inviting designs that serve as both visual and auditory landmarks for Sansusī.

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