Spaceship Earth


Throughout history, many artists, designers, writers, philosophers, engineers and filmmakers have dreamed about the future. How will today’s creatives complement these dreams? With the open call “Spaceship Earth” we invite artists, designers and visual storytellers to imagine the most daring, most promising, most inspiring new ideas about the changing relationship between humans, nature and technology. We challenge them to dream of a more inclusive and sustainable world. A world in which biology and technology merge. A world in which humans and planet earth enter a new evolutionary phase. A world worth living in.
Welcome to Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth tells the story of the future of evolution of humans on planet earth. After all, humanity is the unlikely result of 4 billion years of evolution on this planet; from self-replicating molecules in Archean seas, to eyeless fish in the Cambrian deep, to mammals scurrying from dinosaurs in the dark, and then, finally, improbably, ourselves. But we are not the end of this story, as evolution goes on.


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