The new archeological walk


Interventions in the area of the Imperial Forums

The subject of the competition procedure is the drafting of a project proposal pursuant to Legislative Decree 36/2023 for the interventions necessary to transform and increase the use of the area of the Imperial Forums and the New Archaeological Walk.

Through a substantial increase in pedestrians and the modification of the current structure, consisting of road sites intended for public transport, pedestrian spaces, flower beds and inaccessible areas on the edge of archaeological excavations, the required project activities concern the transformation of the area into a new sequence of public spaces capable of returning an organic and enhanced design both to the archaeological dimension and to that of the contemporary city.

The spaces shall enjoy the freshness provided by the vegetation to protect from the summer heat, with particular attention to the design of greenery as a decisive element of the landscape, as well as the study of the prospective cones of the various levels of the views so as not to impact on the archaeological areas.

Other modification interventions will be possible in relation to the connections with the transversal urban connection routes and above all with the devices (stairways, ramps) that relate the level of the road axis with the itineraries.

Within the intervention perimeters, competitors should develop design solutions for:

  • the setting up of an articulation of public spaces that redesign the landscape of the axis of Via dei Fori Imperiali and the adjoining areas, providing elements of urban furniture and digital tools for communication, dissemination, artistic performances and the use of immersive virtual realities;
  • the restoration and care of the transversal routes connecting with the surrounding city, useful for enjoying the archaeological area and offering, at the same time, new visual angles on the area;
  • the installation of equipment for the use and furnishing of public spaces as complex elements of relationship between all the components of the landscape and the urban stratification of the area;
  • the creation of a coordinated image that takes into account and enhances the different articulations of the pedestrian path of the New Archaeological Walk composed of Via dei Fori Imperiali, Via di S. Gregorio, Via dei Cerchi, Via di S. Teodoro and the ascents to the Capitol (Via di Monte Tarpeo, Via di San Pietro in Carcere) and the access branch from Via Cavour;
  • the definition of vegetal furniture solutions to be used as an element capable of bringing together the different characteristics of the intervention spaces.

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