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In both free and mixed market economies we have gradually come to inhabit cultures that promote self-centred individualism and uncompromising autonomy as a means to gain material wealth and therefore, apparently, happiness.

Creative operatives have not evaded this state of affairs: the prototypical solo artist economic model endures; self-employment in Europe and US is growing steadily; and, for so many reasons, almost everyone seems to feel either alienated or marginalized nowadays.

In dialogue with these proliferating social, political and cultural shifts TOGETHER pursues the need to surmount the manifestations of silence, ignorance and discomfort that have come to accompany life lived alone among others. By looking outwards from the art world we want to study the possibility of engendering principles of civic imagination, citizenship and solidarity alongside the need for self-care.

We are inviting chapter proposals for our forthcoming publication TOGETHER. We have some texts already in progress, but want to reach beyond our grasp on this one.

We’re looking for pitches that would add something original to our theme. A 3-person editorial panel will review all submissions and we have a small number of fees available for professional writers – i.e. those not already being paid to publish as academics or researchers. We will be compiling our lineup until the end of the year.

Interested parties may send a short abstract outlining ideas, but not necessarily in starched academic form. We welcome voices that are original, engaging and serious – but not solemn.

If you are interested you can email and one of us will answer your enquiry.

TOGETHER will be the last title in our Occasional Table critical anthology series. The penultimate title will be CURIOUS, edited by Paul O’Neill. We always said that when the cover paper colours run out, we’ll stop. That time has come. The final cover will be white. The one before will be black.

David Blamey is an artist, creative director of record label and podcast platform Continuous Tone, and proprietor of Open Editions. His current projects include forthcoming solo exhibitions at 1961 in Singapore and the Centre d’Art in the utopian township of Auroville, India.

Stine Hebert is a curator, educator and co-director of HEIRLOOM center for art and archives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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