Unfinished Colosseum


In this competition, we invite architects, designers, and visionaries to reimagine the iconic Colosseum of Rome, transforming it into a dynamic and living part of the contemporary city. The challenge is to envision how the Colosseum can be completed and repurposed to become an active part of the city of Rome.

Participants are encouraged to redefine this ancient monument. Proposals should consider how the new design respects the Colosseum’s historical significance while introducing a modern utility. What will be its new role in the city? Will it become a space for cultural, social, or educational activities, blurring the lines between the past and the future?

This competition challenges you to think about the integration of historical preservation and contemporary design. How can we imagine the evolution of historical landmarks? How can your design serve as a symbol of coexistence between ancient heritage and modern innovation?

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