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Managing Director

Are you the new managing director of KCAP Architects&Planners?

KCAP Architects&Planners is a leading international design firm specialised in architecture, urbanism and landscape design. KCAP holds offices in Rotterdam (NL), Zurich (CH) and Shanghai (CN) and works with a staff of more than a 100 talented international professionals on a wide range of projects throughout Europe and Asia. KCAP is known for the development of sustainable urban living environments, with buildings and public spaces that revitalise and renew the city. In our designs, we combine our experience with architecture, urban planning and landscape design to create social and spatial cohesion.

Currently, KCAP is led by nine partners. The current Managing Director is retiring in the fourth quarter of this year. Therefore, KCAP is looking for a new Managing Director.

As Managing Director you are responsible for the management of business operations of the Rotterdam location. This concerns finance, planning, business development, contract management and potentially HR and facility management. The Managing Director oversees these departments, guides the responsible employees, decides daily business operations and prepares strategic decision making for the partners. He or she is responsible for the supervision of the business operations and periodically updates the partners. The Managing Director is a sparring partner and coach for the nine partners and a guardian of the continuity.

The Managing Director is a person with a strong personality who acts as the chairman to the partners when it comes to business management. He or she is approachable and loyal, promotes consensus, but can also force decision making when necessary. The Managing Director is someone with a strategic outlook who oversees the different disciplines in the firm and who guards and promotes the unity within the company.

The Managing Director has a feel for architecture,urban planning and landscape design and has knowledge of or is willing to learn the specific characteristics of the field. He or she is internationally oriented and has notable expertise, experience in and a vision for business management. He or she is a keen negotiator and sees through the sometimes complex processes quickly, maintains focus and makes a difference. The Managing Director is approachable, a skilled communicator and capable of dealing with a group of passionate professionals. Above all, the Managing Director has a pleasant personality.

The Managing Director has a background in business management and operations, and/or finance (MSc or MBA) and an affinity with the creative sector. He or she is an experienced supervisor who is used to a dynamic organisation with strong personalities. He or she has authority and is a workable communicator without a 9 to 5 mentality. Fluency in English and Dutch is required, German and/or French are a plus.

At KCAP, you come to work in a non-hierarchical, informal organisation where your own input and initiative are valued. You are sparring partner of the partners as well as for employees and management. The appointment is for a full-time position and the remuneration is in accordance with the job requirements.

Please send your applications before the 25th of June to KCAP@vijfadvies.nl
Information: www.kcap.eu or Walter Huurdeman, VIJFadvies, 06-30217589

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