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Rotterdam-based creative practice in architecture & urban design. We are looking for a trainee with excellent work ethic and skills. The individual should be a creative thinker, interested to learn in a small office environment, and be able to take on different types of tasks with equal vigor.

At a minimum, the prospective trainee should have the following skills and interests:

  • must be a good conceptual thinker
  • must have sense of graphics and attention to detail in illustrative drawings
  • desire to learn, experiment, and participate
  • good communicator and able to work in a small team
  • proficiency in AutoCAD (be able to work with dynamic blocks, attributes, fields and xrefs)
  • proficiency in Sketchup (be able to quickly produce a clean model and export for drawing)
  • proficiency in Adobe suite programs
  • rendering (V-ray/sketchup) capabilities are a plus
  • experience and interest in building physical models
  • ability to work as a freelancer

Please forward your portfolio (5mb), cover letter and references to office@d-r-o-m.com
No ISSUU please.