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In the Department of the Built Environment there is a position available for a practice-based design tutor in the chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA). The Department offers a comprehensive, research-oriented Master of Science (MSc.) degree program within the broad field of the Built Environment. Graduates go on to work in diverse professional areas, such as architecture, urban design and planning, building physics, installation techniques, construction, real estate management and building production.
The department is also a research institute comprising various laboratories and four research programs in which high-level research is conducted. The unit AUDE has its own research program Living Cities focused on the evolutionary development of the existing city and region, taking into account both its historical path dependencies as well as tomorrows societal challenges.
The Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA) chair group is in charge of education and carries out research on spatial design and planning of the city and the urban region. The focus lies on the sustainable (re-)development of the existing Western European cities, both concerning the higher levels of the urbanized network region as well as the lower levels of its urbanistic and architectonic composition.
The strategic research agenda of the chair focuses on three clusters: 1) healthy cities, active mobility and public space design; 2) smart city technology, participation and place making; 3) urban morphology, spatial biographies and contextual design. All three closely connected to the Smart City Program (SCP) initiated by our faculty to study the potential of data-analytics, persuasive technologies and social commons in improving the urban living environment and the quality of life in tomorrow’s cities.
The core focus of the chair’s teachings is in the design and planning of regions, cities, neighborhoods and streetscapes. The candidate will have a major role in design studios and graduation studios, as well as in the organization of the Urban Lab. The Urban Lab is our applied research platform in which the chair, both staff and students in thematic master and graduation studios, works on real world assignments with stake and shareholders from society, professional organizations and public administration.

Within the Urbanism and Urban Architecture chair group, the design tutor will mainly contribute to education and as such to the applied research within the Urban Lab.

Within the Built Environment program, the design tutor will both be involved in the education part of the Bachelor’s major in Design as well as in the Master’ track in Urban Design and Planning (UDP). The candidate will be responsible for tutoring students in design studios and graduation studios in the bachelor and master, bridging applied research and design, within the framework of the Urban Lab. The design tutor will also teach in some of the analytical core seminars and courses of the chair like Urban Form, Urban Case Studies and Urban Trends.

Applied Research
The candidate will play some role in expanding the applied research program of the Urban Lab as tutor in the execution of applied research projects. The design tutor will perform this task in close collaboration with the program manager and the chair holder.

Desired profile
We are looking for a candidate who is a qualified urban designer and planner, with at least three years of experience.
The candidate is required to have:
– a qualification as a urban designer;
– a minimum of three years relevant work experience in the practice of urban design
– teaching experience giving design studios and courses in urban design aspects, discourses and practices
– experience with applied research / policy research
– published the applied research in (inter-)national journals and on conferences;
– a broad orientation in urbanism and urban architecture and the various subfields, being well-informed about recent developments in this field at an international level;
– access to adequate networks in the professional practice, whether in design, consultancy or public administration;
– proven didactic qualities and the ability to pass on knowledge and skills to students;
– using rigorous scientific approaches to problems of applied relevance;
– is willing to work on education and research within a team.

For the conditions of employment please see the link to the full description of this vacancy:

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