Concrete zoekt een:

concrete is looking for people with passion for their profession. it is not only about what you can do and have done, but also who you are and how you work.

you are a designer. no grand theories, no mediocrity: just unconventional, great looking design solutions.
you are an inspiring team player, someone who understands the power of a team.
you are able to put things in perspective and know how to prioritize and organize your project.

concrete creates 3d concepts in interior design, architecture and urban development.
our home is amsterdam, our playground is the world

we’re looking for multiple architects with 0 – 5 years of experience to join our team.

you will be part of the multi-disciplinary design team
you are cooperative and work with great passion
you have experience with hospitality, residential and/or retail projects
you can adapt existing concepts to local conditions
you are a team-player
you are an architect with interest in interior design
you have a european passport or a work visa for the netherlands and are allowed to travel to the united states

you’re very welcome to apply!

selection will be purely based on the quality of the applicant’s work. our staff is diversifying in terms of practice profiles and we aim to diversify in terms of culture, gender and ethnicity as well.
we warmly welcome applicants from underrepresented, minority, or non-conforming communities

what you need to give us to be included in our selection:
tell us why you would like to work at concrete
show us 3 of your most important projects in your portfolio and your cv
explain to us exactly your role and responsibilities within these projects
give us 5 images that express your fascinations, inspirations and imaginations
motivate your selection
show us examples of your ability to communicate in sketches as well as technical drawings
describe us what type of person you are when working in a team
indicate your level of speaking dutch

deadline 13th of november 2022
applications without the items mentioned above will not be looked at

please send all the requested information to – volkert vos