intern zoekt een: is the project of filmmaker and architect Onur Can Tepe who works as a director with a network of filmmaking professionals on developing short and mid-length film productions since 2019. The commissioned or self-initiated films that came out of this young venture have been shown at major film festivals and biennales.

To work on a number of exciting non-fiction film projects at various stages of production we are looking for architecture students (non-graduate) for a four to six months paid internship (€500/month) in Rotterdam, preferably starting end of March or beginning of April. The intern will work directly with Onur and will have the opportunity to gain experience on realising film projects in relation to social matters and natural/built landscapes.

Passion for filmmaking and architecture as well as skills in photography, montage and/or sound are valued. You will learn on set and in the studio. The ideal candidate:

  • Is a self-learner.
  • Can do research for making documentary films i.e research the stories of people and places, collect visual inspiration, find locations to be filmed.
  • Can assist with organisational and logistics aspects of filmmaking.
  • Can organise their research graphically into accessible documents by using tools such as Indesign and Illustrator.
  • Has affinity with using camera for architecture and/or film editing softwares and/or sound recording.
  • Can help on set.
  • Can speak, read and write English. Dutch is a plus.
  • Driving license is a plus.

If you are interested please send your CV, your portfolio (architectural design, photography, research are all welcome. If there are film projects please send links) and a short motivation letter to: and CC’ing