Architecture Intern

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Are you a talented architecture student ready to explore the craft of XL 3D printing?

Aectual continuously investigates new architectural models that go beyond the traditional descriptions of interior vs exterior, permanent vs temporary. Our fully circular products are designed with a material lifecycle in mind, reincarnating into newer, smarter structures that adapt to changing demands over time.

We are looking for a talented intern, currently enrolled as a Bachelor or Master student in Architecture, with a knack for parametric design, 3D printing, and working at various scales.

Students with no experience in 3D printing but with great design skills and proficiency in the Adobe package are also welcome to apply.

You’ll be part of our product development team and work on various studio projects, ranging from tiny homes to furniture design.

Minimum period 3 months, paid internship, free lunch, and great team! We’re based in Amsterdam.

Curious? Email us to learn more, or apply directly:!