looking for practices

Michal Lipiec zoekt een:

I am an architecture student at the University of Technology in Gdańsk.
During the 7th semester, I must complete a professional internship, which starts in October 2024 and are expected to last 15 weeks (600 hours). Architects and professors from various universities in the Netherlands often come to my university and give lectures. I was very fascinated by the construction methods and technologies used in the Netherlands, for example dealing with water levels in cities, spectacular buildings, beautiful shapes and facades and modernity etc. The prestige of architectural offices in the Netherlands are known all over the world, so I know that I could learn a lot.

I am a person who easily works in a group, I like challenges and I quickly learn new things. I always finish projects. I participated in summer internships Italy and in June 2024 in India.
I am very keen to get the opportunity and would be grateful if you would consider my request.